Aroma oil "Nemuri"



I made an original aroma oil based on the concept of "Nemuri" at night.

Product Specifications

Essential oil


All components

Orange, lavender, basil(Using natural organic material)

How to use

It is an original aroma blended with natural essential oils. You can spread it to your room using LEI, or you can enjoy a gentle fragrance as a portable aroma by dropping a tissue or handkerchief. (Please try it in an inconspicuous place because it can be oil stains)

please note

Please use as soon as possible after opening. Because it is high concentration, do not apply directly to the skin or contain it in your mouth. No fires.

* Aroma oil wrapping is charged.
* If you purchase with Lei Non Electric Aroma Diffuser for wrapping, it will be wrapped separately from Lei Non Electric Aroma Diffuser.



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