Terms of service

Terms of Service

"Lei non electric aroma diffuser STORE" of the Terms and Conditions (the "Terms" and say it) is, Lei Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as "Company") net shop which is run by "Lei non electric aroma diffuser STORE" (hereinafter, referred to as "our") and goods and services (hereinafter, referred to it as the "service") that Lei is to provide determined to target, will be applied between the customers of our company and personal and corporate .
If you use any of our shop, our customers, so we deemed to have agreed to all the conditions referred to in this Agreement, before you use, please be sure to confirm.
In addition, this Agreement, it may be revised by our convenience. At the time the revision was, update the information on our page, or we will inform the customer in the manner prescribed separately. After the revision, the case had you use our shop to the customer, you agree to the terms, which were revised.

Notes on use
(Price of goods)
The price of goods to sell in our shop, will vary depending on the product. In each product page, please confirm.

(Order of products)
After you choose the products in each product page, shipping address and payment method and the like, fill out the necessary information to your order and the delivery of the goods, you will be a member registration. Rather than at the time of the goods to enter the cart, at the time of our "Customer Information", "destination" Please enter your order such as "payment method" has been completed can be confirmed, we will ensure the stock. Once your order is complete, so that we can send you a confirmation e-mail content and order contents had you fill out, please to be able to receive mail from our shop. In addition, confirmation work then become necessary, mainly addition to using the e-mail, telephone, we may also contact you by mail.
By I could not receive a contact from our shop, for the damage caused to our customers, so we can not take responsibility, you (the person who ordered) and the Please enter be sure to contact us can take information.

(Reservation of goods)
Since the request of the reserve and reservation of goods can not be accepted, please understand.

(Dispatch of goods)
The payment method, the number of days it takes to deliver methods and delivery is, for each product, also depends on the region of Osumai. For more information about the shipment, please check the "About the delivery and shipping."

(Items returned or exchanged)
If there is the delivered goods to the flaws and hidden defect was, about what was able to confirm the report within 10 days after goods receipt, we will carry out the exchange correspondence. Please contact our shop within the period. The carriage of this case, our shop will bear. However, if the substitute is not available, we will consider it as correspondence by the repayment. Exchange and by the convenience of our customers, the exchange of different products are not accepted.
It should be noted that, if such do not take action along the rules that are described above, can not be accepted as returned or exchanged. In addition, the shortage of goods, deficiencies, for the defect, we shall not responsible for providing a remedy other than those set forth above. Other, conditions and please refer here for more information about procedures for returned or exchanged.

(Payment method)
The payment, credit card, bank transfer, cash on delivery, Paypal, amazonpay are available. However, depending on the commodity there are times when you can not choose the part of the payment method. In addition, there is a case to be not can choose the part of the payment method by delivery method.
It should be noted that, although there is a case where a separate fee by the payment method in accordance with, all will be the customer's burden.
After ordering, change of payment method to credit card payment, can not respond from the point of view of protecting personal information. If you get change the method of payment by the convenience of our customers, such as when the amount of money and the amount of payment of your order balance adjustment is necessary, where occur commission will be all the customer's burden. And receipt refusal of the COD, if you can not verify payment even after the due date by bank transfer, such as you stop using it and to provide a limit on the use of our shop, there is a thing to take legal proceedings . For more information about the payment method, details, please check here.

(Cancellation of products)
After shipment proceedings are, we will refuse the additional changes or cancel your order. Also, If you are unable to deliver the goods by the customers of the long-term of your absence or unknown addressee, since I will consider it as cancellation, please understand. Although every effort has been made to the state management of the products sold in our shop, we found deficiencies in the check prior to shipment, and for example, if the substitute is not available, there is a thing that I am allowed to cancel at our shop of convenience increase.

(Change of order contents)
The payment method and the delivery method and the like, please contact us to change the order contents to our shop when it is desired. However at the time of the contact you gotten, for your order shipping procedures are started, it is not accepted change of your order. It should be noted, a problem that occurs when you fail to change the procedure, can not assume the responsibility.

(Wrapping service)
Shop of gift wrapping is ordered and paid services. It should be noted that, since you will not be able to dispatch only wrapping materials or change the contents of the wrapping according to the customer's request, please understand in advance. Also, it does not correspond to the wrapping in some of the product.

(Handling of customer information)
Entrusted to us in our shop the customer information (personal information and order information), we will strictly manage accordance with the privacy policy set forth separately.

(Prohibited acts)
In our shop you use, it is prohibited to following. If you and the customer's conduct corresponds to the act of following our judges, or I am allowed to cancel your contract with the notification without customers, you may want to refuse the use of the later of this service. In addition, this way or a case where I am allowed to claim compensation for the damage that occurred to us, for the criminal act, there is the case of the criminal complaint and the like.

1. impersonate another person, enter the false order information, act of sending
2. or the application of intention rather than purchase to purchase, the act of performing a return often
3. Acts for the purpose of commercial use, such as the purchase of resale
4. fails to perform or delay the performance of the obligation Acts
5. such as receipt refusal and long-term absence due to instrument the return of goods, act to interfere with the normal delivery
6. act to interfere with the normal service delivery of normal business and our of our
7. our or third-party rights act of infringement of the (copyright, including the intellectual property rights of trademark rights, etc.)
8. fraud, intimidation, blackmail, extortion, acts contrary to criminal activity and public order, such as violence, also, act in violation of other laws and regulations
Excessive request act of 9. more than the services that we offer
10. Any other activities that we determine to be inappropriate

(Interruption of service)
Force majeure (infectious diseases, natural disaster, war, terrorism, riot, enactment abolition of laws and regulations, such as guidance and instruction by the government agencies, power failure, · interruption, delay due to a failure, system maintenance such as communication lines and computer and network equipment loss of discontinuation data, unauthorized access, subcontractors, warehouse logistics and transportation of failure or accident, labor dispute, but says the accident or the like of the equipment by, is not limited to), part of the service or for the damage caused to customers when all is stopped, the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Governing law
Interpretation of this Agreement, with regard to the application, regardless of the governing law applicable rules, and Japanese law and the applicable law.

"Lei non electric aroma diffuser" is a trademark of our company, by, for example, subject to registration by the Office, because it is protected by law on intellectual property rights, it is prohibited to unauthorized use of our company. In addition, one of the trademarks that are displayed in the shop, all of the trademarks that we do not own are the property of their respective owners.

Content that is posted on our home page, e-mail magazine and our shop of the booklet to be issued a document is delivered from our shop, images, illustrations, video, audio, photo, design, copyright holder of such data, our company or content provider , and the are protected by copyright law.

Exemption from responsibility
1. By our use, also by the products and services provided by our shop, our customers, when subjected to some kind of damage (indirect, regardless of the direct), it shall not be liable for any damages, etc. . For warranty against defects of products, in the case that we have done the exchange of a good product, you can not assume the liability for damages.

2. By reason of such disclaimers set forth in this Agreement does not apply, if we are to be responsible for the customer or a third party, except in the case where there is a willful or gross negligence to us, and shall be limited to direct damages, they damages based on the responsibility, the amount of money customers paid to us in any case to be a maximum amount, our company and our customers will be agreed in advance.

Any provision or portion thereof of the present convention, even if it is invalid or unenforceable by consumer contract law other laws, other parts are assumed to have its effect continues increase.

By buying and selling price of non-payment and the Terms violation of our customers, in the event that we are using the expert lawyers, etc., also with customers of the burden for the cost of experts such as attorneys' fees.

(As of February 1, 2022)