Lei Aroma Card Candle [Orange]


Light one ticket
Small sea floating in the sky
To a quiet scent trip

Lei Aroma Card Candle
A new type of aroma candle with a scent in a card.
[Invention patent has been obtained]
Enjoy the natural scent, flames swaying like swimming on the surface of the water, and a floating design.
■What is [Lei Aroma Card Candle]?
 The world's first "independence in the glass" with a special technique with a scent of paper and becomes independent in glass.AROMA CARD CANDLE"is. (Invention patent has been obtained)
An emotional product that ignites with a match (writer), a faint smoke that rises with the scent of gentle essential oils, and the characters and illustrations that come up from the individual to the liquid from the individual to the liquid.
We use special paper for cards. Therefore, when the card is lit, it burns and burns while repeatedly turns and disappears over time, like the sea of ​​the sea beach.

· Scent:Orange, lavender, basil
・ Size: φ100 × H88 (mm) * When the lid is closed
・ Weight: about480495 (g) *There is individual difference
・ Material: [Candle] Paper made, paraffin, soy wax, [container] glass, wooden lid, essential oil, magnet
・ Burning time: about 20 hours
・ Manufacturing: Japan
· design SOL STYLE

■ For use
・ We recommend ignition with a ignition bar writer. Card10Second20If you ignite the fire for about seconds, you can light the card.
・ Because the paper card is used for the core, the fire may be extinguished. Card10Second20Please ignite the fire for about seconds. It is a guide to start to melt.

・ After igniting the card to the card, do not move the installation location. If the place is moved in a liquidated state, the combustion portion may be submerged by the liquid and may not be ignited.

・ Because a paper card is used for the core, please note that there is a strength of burning depending on the usage environment.

・ The combustion time is windless and temperature2028℃The average value in the front and rear environment. It varies depending on the usage status such as humidity, temperature, and wind.

・ If the fire is touched by the fluid, the black muscle may occur on the surface of the water. There is no problem with the use of products.
■ Notes
・ Please note that if the candle wax is moved in a melted state, the wax may spill and burn.

・ Be careful not to pour the melted wax on the drain.

・ Continuous combustion is to prevent the occurrence of so much.34Please do it by time.
・ Due to the shape of the glass container and the nature of the wax used, air and bubbles may be contained between the glass and the candle, but there is no problem with burning.
・ Because the card is made of special paper, there is a flame strength depending on the product. In addition, the change in the situation of the liquid that the card sucks up may cause the flame to become larger and smaller. Please note.