Lei (Non Electric Aroma Diffuser)


Louthern fire shaking. A small wind is born from there, and the scent will be delivered. LEI is an aroma fuser full of poem fever that powered by low power without power supply.

As you close the bonfire, hope to close the scent. Even in the communicating place, even when spending quietly, one grain of aroma oil changes the time and space to spend home at home. We aimed at a product that snuggle into such a life.

In addition, this product is based on materials that can be circulating resources. Minimal form, cordless mobility, easy-to-maintain usability. We create new value as a self-contained home appliance without using a power outlet. (Patented)

・Model numberLei00
・Size W161 ✕ H174 ✕ D85 (mm) ※ The notation size excludes the wings.
・Weight 758 (G)
・Material aluminum, glass, iron
・Accessories Candle 2 pieces · Operating manual ※ Aroma oil is not included.
・Country of origin Japan