Lei Aroma Card Candle


Light one ticket
Small sea floating in the sky
To a quiet scent trip
"Light the ticket and go to the scent of scent"

"Lei Aroma Card Candle" opens a new door to the scent and travel.
This special aroma candle invites you on a new journey with a single ticket in a place where paper cards and wax magic intersect.

It is a quiet night, under a star, the light of "Lei Aroma Card Candle" wraps you.

Enjoy the natural scent, flames swaying like swimming on the surface of the water, and a floating design.

■ What is "Lei Aroma Card Candle"?
This is the world's first "Aroma Card Candle" that smells paper cards with special techniques and becomes independent in glass. (Invention patent has been obtained)
An emotional product that ignites with a match (writer), a faint smoke that rises with a gentle scent, and the characters and illustrations that emerge from the rocks that change from individuals to liquid.
We use special paper for cards. Therefore, when the card is lit, it burns and burns while repeatedly turns and disappears over time, like the sea of ​​the sea beach.
■ Handmade one by one
"Lei Aroma Card Candle" is made by hand, using carefully selected high -quality raw materials.
We manufacture not only wax and paper core, but also in detail, and we are producing with all our hearts so that you can enjoy it.

Choose your favorite scent according to your mood and situation, and from the beginning to the end of the day, the candle will blend into your life deeply.
The warm light of the candle and the spreading scent will build a special space for you and change your daily life into an extraordinary thing. 


・ Type: Orange, green, yellow
・ Size: φ100 × H88 (mm) * When the lid is closed
・ Weight: Approximately 480-495 (G) * There are individual differences
・ Material: [Candle] Paper core, paraffin, soy wax, [container] glass, wooden lid, essential oil, spice fragrance, magnet
・ Burning time: about 20 hours
・ Manufacturing: Japan
·designSOL STYLE

■ Features of fragrance

・ Orange
The top note has fresh mandarin, and the scent has a freshness and vividness. The magic blend of orange and lavender born there brings a gentle feeling that is perfect for a quiet night. The orange citrus brightens and lavender flowers bring calm peace. The addition of basil scent creates a depth in the scent, and this blend creates a calm and bright atmosphere.

The scent of geranium, cypress, and hiba is exquisitely harmonious, creating a profound and attractive scent with unisex charm. Geranium brings the brightness and freshness of the flowers, and the cypress expresses the quiet green and tranquility of the silent forest, and the fragrance of the hiba enhances the fragrance as a deep base. This oriental scent stimulates sensitivity and invites a special scent journey. The top note has the transparency of Earl Gray brings the fragrance to the freshness and sophistication, further enhancing the fragrance depth.

・ Yellow
The scent of lemongrass and ginger picked from the garden reminiscent of the freshness and calmness. Lemongrass is a refreshing citrus scent, and ginger brings spicy and lively tones.
If this scent spreads slowly in the bath, a special bathing experience awaits. The pleasant scent brings calm and relaxing, and the bath changes to a luxurious and healing moment.

■ For use

・ To so that the flame is too large and soot cannot be made on the surface of the water, it is regularly cut with a core cut (if not, a cutter or nail clip is recommended). Please use it.

・ If you use it first, light the fire until the whole surface of the wax melts. From the second time, avoid continuous combustion for 2 hours or more to prevent excessive combustion such as the generation of soot.

・ When the core is shifted and returned to the center, adjust it gently with tweezers while the wax is melting. 

■ Notes
・ Please note that if the candle wax is moved in a melted state, the wax may spill and burn.

・ Be careful not to pour the melted wax on the drain.

・ Continuous combustion should be performed for 3 to 4 hours to prevent the occurrence of soot.
・ Due to the shape of the glass container and the nature of the wax used, air and bubbles may be contained between the glass and the candle, but there is no problem with burning.
・ Because the card is made of special paper, there is a flame strength depending on the product. In addition, the change in the situation of the liquid that the card sucks up may cause the flame to become larger and smaller. Please note.



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